Fighting Child Custody Case with Family Law Lawyers Toronto

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One of the most disputable issues within family dispute cases is child custody. Often, after divorce or separation, parents fight within themselves in order to decide over the custody of their children. When parents are not able to arrive at any decision, they take the help of the legal systems. Sometimes Court may appoint a mediator for the parents who tries to help them out with a plan. However, it is not always possible for the parents to agree to that decision. This is when they take the help of a family law lawyers Toronto for fighting child custody cases.

Each country has its own child custody laws. A parent when tries to take up the child custody case may not know about these laws. However, a family law lawyer remains well-versed with these laws and will try to focus the case in such a way, that it serves the best interest of the child.

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Experienced Lawyer Can Guide You through the Process

An experienced family law lawyers Toronto can guide clients through the entire legal process of child custody. They can provide the clients with an idea on where their case stands. Normally, both the parents have full child custody rights until the family court rules out the decision. However, for a minor child the custody is given to the mother while the father should take up the responsibility of education and welfare for the children.


Do Their Best to Win the Case

 Family lawyers will assess the complexity of your case. For example, during interstate child custody battles, lawyers will investigate your case. Apart from remaining prepared they will do their best to help you win the case in your favor. If your relationship is facing any troubles, you might consider taking a divorce. Here, the lawyer will try to prove that your child will not be safe with your partner. Thus, the attorney will ensure the case goes in favor of the mother or the father.


Work out a Parenting Plan

Family law lawyers Toronto can help clients in negotiating the custody case either through a mutual agreement or by filing a case in the court. The family lawyer can help clients to submit the necessary documents that can easily show one parent to have a better standing over another parent. In fact, under the guidance of the lawyer a parent can come up with a ‘Parenting Plan’ that would serve the best interest of the child.


Help To Understand the Rights

 Family law lawyers can help the parties to understand their rights. Even if you lose the case, the lawyer will ensure that you get the weekly child visitation rights. At the same time, you should have the right to participate in decision making regarding the time frame during which you can visit your child.

When you take the help of a professional family law lawyers Toronto for child support or child custody cases, you will be able to arrive at a best decision. No matter what may be the result of a child custody case, it is for your interest that you should secure the life of your child.

How Can Study Permit Lawyer Help International Students?

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In Canada, international students form an important part of their education system. Canada welcomes students from all around the world. Students get to choose from among different technical schools, colleges, and universities. Students who plan to study in Canada on a long-term basis will require a Canadian study permit. In order to file an application for a study permit, international students can take the help of a study permit lawyer or immigration lawyer.

Consulting a Lawyer for Special Casesstudy permit canada

An immigration lawyer can help clients to deal with a wide array of problems such as visas, getting permanent residency, or other immigration benefits. It is known that not every immigration issues require a person to take the help of an immigration lawyer.

However, when you are planning to visit a foreign land for a job or study purpose, it becomes crucial to consult a study permit lawyer also known as an immigration lawyer. The lawyer can give valuable advice to foreign students who plan to come to Canada for higher studies.


Keep Students Updated

The government of Canada is constantly changing in relation to immigration. Based on the changing laws, the visa application process also varies. A study permit lawyer can keep the students updated about the changing immigration laws. This would help them to file the application accordingly. In fact, it would also ensure the study permit processing time does not face any delay. In case an application gets rejected, the lawyer can place an appeal.


Immigration Lawyers Helps You Filling Applications

 A study permit is basically issued by the Canadian Government. It allows an international student to study in Canada for a limited time frame. However, a student needs to fulfill certain criteria. Once they fit the criteria they will need to fill an application supported with some documents. The lawyer can save your time and money in filling out the applications correctly. Well, you are not required to redo your study permit or visa application for the second time.


study permit lawyer

Help Foreign Students to Know Their Rights

When a student obtains a Canadian study permit, it not only gives them the right to attend college or university but also provides them the right to work. During the academic session, students can work off-campus up to 20 hours per week; whereas, during academic breaks, they can work as a full timer. The study permit lawyer can explain in details about this right.


Help In Obtaining Citizenship

International students who have to spend more than 4 years in Canada are eligible for gaining Canadian citizenship. An immigration lawyer can help the international students in procuring the citizenship. Apart from helping them to gain citizenship, the lawyer can also work out ways that can help the students get permanent residency through Canadian Experience Class.


Helps in Renewal of Permits

Students may need to renew their study permit during their course of studies or when they are not able to finish their educational program within a stipulated time. The study permit lawyer can easily fight for your visa renewal case.

Well, these are amazing range of benefits that international students can gain from hiring an immigration lawyer.

Finding the best criminal lawyer in Toronto

Getting a criminal charge on your name can have a very negative impact on your professional and personal life. Criminal charge sheets filed against your name can restrict your inter-city or inter country travel and can also restrict you from working in many different fields.  There are many ways a resident of Canada can get criminally charged. A person can commit a crime without the intention and still be accused of the crime. Another way is that a person can be falsely acquitted with a charge which they weren’t unsure about. In both the scenarios above, the best way to combat such cases is to find the best criminal lawyer in Toronto. A criminal lawyer is the best bet for fighting any criminal related cases because they have the right kind of legal knowledge and expertise to protect the rights of the individual.

best criminal lawyer in Toronto

Criminal lawyers are an integral member of the society that helps defend the rights and remove criminal charges. The best way to fight your case in the court is through a competent criminal lawyer who has years of experience and expertise in dealing with different criminal cases.  In many scenarios, the criminal lawyer will try to resolve the case even before it goes to trial. After all who wants to have a criminal charge right next to their name? Finding the right kind of criminal lawyer can also be a challenge. The lawyer you choose needs to have enough experience and the guile to fight for your case. If the lawyer is not familiar or does not have enough experience, there is a high chance that you will have to the pay the price even if you are falsely accused. Some of the criteria to find a competent lawyer are:

  • criminal lawyer torontoCheck the number of years in practice. The more number of years will help you build a better trust on the credibility of the lawyer.
  • Check for reviews online about the lawyer. Previous or current clients might leave a positive or a negative review about the client which will help you better understand the reputation.
  • Call the law firm and see if they offer free initial consultation. Most criminal lawyers in Toronto offer free initial consultation to help better assess the case.

Dealing with a criminal charge can be a big blow to the reputation of the individual.  Criminal lawyers help you defend your rights and reduce the criminal charge. They help you in fighting variety of criminal cases such as sexual assault, dui offences, drug charges, weapons related cases, criminal harassment and hearing, fraud and theft, cyber-crimes and property charges.  When you are dealing with any criminal charge, it is advised to react swiftly as time limitations are very critical. Finding the best lawyer to help you fight any of these cases does become a critical element in the fight for defending your rights. Call different law firms or contact via mail to know how they can help you and the kind of fees structure they charge. Read to know more about finding a criminal lawyer in Toronto.

Toronto Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get Your Fair Insurance Claim

Category : Personal Injury Law

Accidents happen and it never informs you of its arrival. Irrespective of how carefully you are driving or carefully you abide by the traffic rules, an accident is unpredictable and might happen at any time. You suffer from a car accident even when you have not caused it or are responsible for it. Car accidents happen every day and it might be really annoying for the victims to deal with the consequences, especially when they have to obtain a fair insurance claim. The help of an experienced and skilled Toronto car accident lawyer is important to get through the personal injury claim. Here are some of the god reasons to hire a car accident lawyer.

Obtain the Compensation You Deserve

If the car accident causes some serious injury either to the car or the passenger, securing a robust legal representation will help in making sure that you are adequately compensated not only for now, but also for the future cost. This cost is related to the treatment of the injury that has been caused by the accident.

There are certain injuries which aren’t apparent just after the accident but it may have a life-long consequence. This means that the insurance process and its payment might be over even before you are able to gauge the problems. This can cause you to lose compensation for symptoms which surfaces later on.

Also, the time period for filing the car accident lawsuit might be limited. If you hire a lawyer in the early stages of the lawsuit will ascertain that the claims that you have made have been correctly filed.

car accident lawyer

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

The task of negotiating with the insurance companies might be pretty challenging for a common person. Even though car accidents are rare case for most of the individuals, the insurance companies get claim each and every day and they have to negotiate them. They are perfectly aware of what they have to say in order to push you off. They use their experience to bully the applicants to accept lesser compensation that they are supposed to get. When you have a strong attorney by your side, you will not be intimidated by the tactics that they apply to give you less compensation.

Understand the Damages

A person who is not well aware of the legalities that are associated with a car accident might not be able to understand the prospective damages that he/she is entitled to. There are numerous potential damages available to the car accident victims. Other than the medical bills, you can claim damages for pain, emotional distress, suffering, and also lost wages. In fact, your family member can also obtain the damages for the loss of companionship, if you have become disabled. If you do not have a competent attorney by your side, you miss out on lot of things.

A car accident lawyer will also help you to prove your liability. Proving that the defendant has breached the duty of care might be pretty difficult. There are many complex factors to be handled if you have to win the lawsuit. Hence, it is best to hire an experienced lawyer.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers explaining the new changes!

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Immigrating to Canada has always been a dream of many aspirants around the world. Canada is known for its land of opportunities and millions of immigrants apply to here permanently or temporarily every year. With academics level being every high and many esteemed universities having a great global image, students try to move to Canada for a better career. With the new changes coming up in the immigration policies, you would certainly need the assistance of Canadian immigration lawyers to ensure that you filed your application in the right way. Everyone usually gets one chance to fill the application right and hope to get a positive outcome. If you do not file your documentation the right way, there is a high possibility of rejection which will waste your time, money and effort.

immigration lawyer toronto

With the changes in immigration policies, it has become a lot easier for students to get their immigration done through the express entry program. The changes coming has been a result of increasing rise in applications for permanent residency. The changes are also in conjunction with the next year plans to invite 450,000 applicants for permanent residency. This has really opened up the window for others who aspire to move to countries like Canada for a better future.

The first major change is that every student will get up to thirty extra points for completing their education in Canada. If you are enrolled in a 2 year course or a course of a lesser duration, you will receive 15 extra points. If your course is more than 3 years or longer, you will get 30 more points which significantly help you increase the comprehensive ranking score. Getting extra point for education gives advantage to all the people that have studied in Canada and now they can get the extra benefits of more points.

The second significant changes are the reformation of the LMIA policy. Labor market impact assessment was a great way for the eligible people to get their permanent residency as you could easily get 600 points. With the new changes in effect, people would not be receiving these points any more. Instead the points have now been segregated in two to parts. You can now get up to fifty points if you have a valid job offer letter from the O, A or B category. Experienced candidates can receive up to 200 points for senior level jobs.  Implementing this has made it easier for the students to now get their LMIA’s done and receive that extra 50 points to get their permanent residency.

Canada is a great country to start your new careers. With so many career paths to choose from, you would definitely find yourself more successful in the field of your desire. In order to successfully immigrate to Canada, you should always take the help of a Canadian immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers can help you with all the documentation and ensure that your application is filed in the right way. You can call or email the helpline to book your appointment. Visit this link to read more.


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