Canadian Immigration Lawyers explaining the new changes!

Canadian Immigration Lawyers explaining the new changes!

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Immigrating to Canada has always been a dream of many aspirants around the world. Canada is known for its land of opportunities and millions of immigrants apply to here permanently or temporarily every year. With academics level being every high and many esteemed universities having a great global image, students try to move to Canada for a better career. With the new changes coming up in the immigration policies, you would certainly need the assistance of Canadian immigration lawyers to ensure that you filed your application in the right way. Everyone usually gets one chance to fill the application right and hope to get a positive outcome. If you do not file your documentation the right way, there is a high possibility of rejection which will waste your time, money and effort.

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With the changes in immigration policies, it has become a lot easier for students to get their immigration done through the express entry program. The changes coming has been a result of increasing rise in applications for permanent residency. The changes are also in conjunction with the next year plans to invite 450,000 applicants for permanent residency. This has really opened up the window for others who aspire to move to countries like Canada for a better future.

The first major change is that every student will get up to thirty extra points for completing their education in Canada. If you are enrolled in a 2 year course or a course of a lesser duration, you will receive 15 extra points. If your course is more than 3 years or longer, you will get 30 more points which significantly help you increase the comprehensive ranking score. Getting extra point for education gives advantage to all the people that have studied in Canada and now they can get the extra benefits of more points.

The second significant changes are the reformation of the LMIA policy. Labor market impact assessment was a great way for the eligible people to get their permanent residency as you could easily get 600 points. With the new changes in effect, people would not be receiving these points any more. Instead the points have now been segregated in two to parts. You can now get up to fifty points if you have a valid job offer letter from the O, A or B category. Experienced candidates can receive up to 200 points for senior level jobs.  Implementing this has made it easier for the students to now get their LMIA’s done and receive that extra 50 points to get their permanent residency.

Canada is a great country to start your new careers. With so many career paths to choose from, you would definitely find yourself more successful in the field of your desire. In order to successfully immigrate to Canada, you should always take the help of a Canadian immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers can help you with all the documentation and ensure that your application is filed in the right way. You can call or email the helpline to book your appointment. Visit this link to read more.


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