How Can Study Permit Lawyer Help International Students?

How Can Study Permit Lawyer Help International Students?

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In Canada, international students form an important part of their education system. Canada welcomes students from all around the world. Students get to choose from among different technical schools, colleges, and universities. Students who plan to study in Canada on a long-term basis will require a Canadian study permit. In order to file an application for a study permit, international students can take the help of a study permit lawyer or immigration lawyer.

Consulting a Lawyer for Special Casesstudy permit canada

An immigration lawyer can help clients to deal with a wide array of problems such as visas, getting permanent residency, or other immigration benefits. It is known that not every immigration issues require a person to take the help of an immigration lawyer.

However, when you are planning to visit a foreign land for a job or study purpose, it becomes crucial to consult a study permit lawyer also known as an immigration lawyer. The lawyer can give valuable advice to foreign students who plan to come to Canada for higher studies.


Keep Students Updated

The government of Canada is constantly changing in relation to immigration. Based on the changing laws, the visa application process also varies. A study permit lawyer can keep the students updated about the changing immigration laws. This would help them to file the application accordingly. In fact, it would also ensure the study permit processing time does not face any delay. In case an application gets rejected, the lawyer can place an appeal.


Immigration Lawyers Helps You Filling Applications

 A study permit is basically issued by the Canadian Government. It allows an international student to study in Canada for a limited time frame. However, a student needs to fulfill certain criteria. Once they fit the criteria they will need to fill an application supported with some documents. The lawyer can save your time and money in filling out the applications correctly. Well, you are not required to redo your study permit or visa application for the second time.


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Help Foreign Students to Know Their Rights

When a student obtains a Canadian study permit, it not only gives them the right to attend college or university but also provides them the right to work. During the academic session, students can work off-campus up to 20 hours per week; whereas, during academic breaks, they can work as a full timer. The study permit lawyer can explain in details about this right.


Help In Obtaining Citizenship

International students who have to spend more than 4 years in Canada are eligible for gaining Canadian citizenship. An immigration lawyer can help the international students in procuring the citizenship. Apart from helping them to gain citizenship, the lawyer can also work out ways that can help the students get permanent residency through Canadian Experience Class.


Helps in Renewal of Permits

Students may need to renew their study permit during their course of studies or when they are not able to finish their educational program within a stipulated time. The study permit lawyer can easily fight for your visa renewal case.

Well, these are amazing range of benefits that international students can gain from hiring an immigration lawyer.

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